Does radioactive dating tell age in number of years

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Other examples yield similar results - i. History of the age of the earth As indicated earlier, the Bible does not fix the age of the earth, contrary to the claims of Answers in Genesis. Admittedly, this latter possibility is VERY unlikely. All of the tributaries suggest that methane rainfall is effectively eroding the surface.

But scientists like Albert Oppel hit upon the same principles at about about the same time or earlier. It is said that the milky way has a diameter of aboutlight years. The results are therefore highly consistent given the analytical uncertainties in any measurement.

Therefore, the time that humanity has existed on earth is in the tens of thousands of years rather than thousands of years.

If there are good reasons to expect problems with a sample, it is hardly surprising if there are!

Decay & Half Life

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Wind whittles away the exposed rock left behind and the result can be beautiful formations like Bryce Canyon in Utah. The layers of rock are known as "strata", and the study of their succession is known as "stratigraphy".

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The various dating techniques available to archaeologists by Michael G. Lamoureux, March/April Introduction.

Today's archaeologist has a wide variety of natural, electro-magnetic, chemical, and radio-metric dating methodologies available to her that can be used to accurately date objects that are just a few hundred years old as well as objects that are a few million years old with high.

Figure 2. How relative dating of events and radiometric (numeric) dates are combined to produce a calibrated geological time scale.

In this example, the data demonstrates that "fossil B time" was somewhere between and million years ago, and that "fossil A time" is older than million years.

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Does radioactive dating tell age in number of years
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