Single women that wear fake wedding rings

For example, traditionally religious places where women have less rights, single Western females are looked down upon. Taken sends the wrong signal to men, communicating that it's a-okay to harass women who are unattached, that only a man's protection makes a woman worthy of respect.

I wasn't ready for another relationship or dating, so I bought myself a dis-engagement diamond ring and wore it on that finger so I'd get asked out or hit on less. Also, I was a restaurant manager so I interacted with the public all day.

But I don't think the majority of men set out to use Borat as a role model, and those who do don't care whether their sexytime partner is wearing a ring or not unless it's in her tongue. Were you not engaged at one point? Besides, you can think of it as a commitment to yourself.

A strategically placed rhinestone speaks for me and hopefully says, "Game Over". If you're a single man, what do you think of women who, um, engage in this practice?

Traveling as a single female has its benefits and drawbacks, one of which being hordes of unwanted attention from men. If a single woman could wear a ring that was universally recognized to mean she wasn't open to dating, I suspect a lot of men would respect that, too.

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I think covering up the fact that you're unwed is admitting that on some level you're ashamed or embarrassed about your situation. In contemporary society's language, it says, "I have chosen to be in a monogamous relationship with someone.

M I don't get it, but don't really care if someone does this. If you're doing it to avoid unwelcome advances I can understand. Taken is a 2-carat Austrian crystal congratulations--your pretend fiance is an investment banker!

Not a big deal with the bar crowd, but the "lunching ladies" had a few comments that I wanted to put an end to. Do fake engagement rings promote singlism? People should just mind their own business. Have a rant or rave about singlehood?

The Benefit of Wearing a Fake Wedding Ring

But my guess is that most men have no such illusions when they present themselves to be chewed up and spit out on the nearest bar. Just slip it on when you want to discourage a loser walking your way, then tuck it into its keychain fob when the coast is clear.

wedding ring but not married

Feel free to fake sleepiness or lack of English language skills; anything you need to do to move past the situation. Frankly, you can buy a crystal or a cubic zirconia for half that in most department stores, though you'll have to drop it in your purse or your pocket instead of a custom-tailored keychain fob.

If some of those arrows fall flat, miss the mark, or veer toward our chests instead of our brains or our funny bones, then the hunters have poor technique, not a special contempt for deer. I dont see the problem with girls wanting to wear a ring whether they are married or not.

Or I guess you could pull them out if you and your friends get bored waiting for losers to leave you alone. And when I couldn't comfortably wear my rings I would recieve countless snide remarks or insults.

More often than you realize, men might avoid a married woman, assuming her husband might be just around the corner.

I don't care one bit as marriage isn't about the rings. Taken's home page is dominated by an embedded video commercial that should amuse those who like their fake wedding humor bawdy.

A pollypeapod I did the same thing! You're also prominently invited to "Become a fan on Facebook" in case you care to advertise that your engagement is fake.

It's about realizing that whether you're single by choice or by circumstance, this single life is your life to live.If you go there travelling alone as a woman, I would definitly advice you to wear a fake wedding ring!!

There are a lot of men in Egypt who think a western woman has a lot of money and would definitly want to marry them (and this, to my experience, can get very, very, extremely annoying).

See more: The Worrying Trend of Women Wearing Fake Engagement Rings at Work. It Keeps My Male Co-Workers Focused “I’m the only female employee at my company. I work with a bunch of dudes. Overall, it is a normal, sweaty summer night for me—except, of course, that right now I’m wearing what looks very much like a wedding band on my very much unmarried hand.

There seems to be this rising trend of single women wearing fake engagement rings. And these aren’t women wearing fake engagement rings because they’re hoping and wishing for the real thing — they’re wearing fake engagement rings as a guy-repellent to keep creeps from.

Jul 09,  · While combing stories for Singletude's last "Singles in the News" feature, I stumbled across an article called "Fake Engagement Rings Marketed to Single Women," which alerted me to a new bauble on the market that Reality Bling calls "a little bright lie." In case the headline I just linked to didn't tip you off, it's a fake engagement ring that's being marketed to single Singletude: A Positive Blog for Singles.

Wedding ring check? Traveling as a single female has its benefits and drawbacks, one of which being hordes of unwanted attention from men.

Like many other traveling ladies, I’ve personally experienced leering old men getting a little too cuddly on a chicken bus .

Single women that wear fake wedding rings
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